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Blunder Raven

“Hit the gas!” Alexis screamed as loud as her voice could go but was a mere whisper over the rumbling, grumbling engine roar.

“That’s not gonna work this time!” Jonah barked back as he pulled at the throttle, trying to force it downward with little effect of their trajectory path. Their bodies trembled and shook with every twist and jerk from the ground beneath them as the orbiter scraped the landscape, trying to gain momentum upward. The cockpit grew cloudy with smoke as circuits blew and lights flickered. Jonah could feel the seat beneath him quiver and buckle with every attempt to gain altitude.

“We’re not gonna make it!” Alexis’ voice crackled with fear.

“Hold on! I’m gonna jettison the cargo!”

Just as he released the lever, the main latch gave way that linked the cockpit to the main structure of the plane above the cargo area.

“Oh shit…”

The intense tension and stress fractures rattled every bolt and rivet as what held the aged aircraft together were mercilessly ripping apart, literally by the seams. They were not ascending, but now plummeting to the carnivorous ravines below, along with ninety percent of their ship.


They called it Blunder Raven, for no known reason. Somehow, the name stuck over the centuries, often thought that perhaps it was called that because of the radical ravines that cut into the blunt mountain range for thousands of miles.

No one would ever find their bodies down amongst the wreckage, nor would there be a search. Jonah and Alexis were expendable on this mission, as they were aware when they took the job. Blunder Raven claimed many lives over its illustrious known history. Two more casualties would become minor blips on its radar. But who knew that this day – this particular day of June, 2153 would become a blessing for both of them.

Excerpts from Blunder Raven,
a novel by Darrin L. Proctor
December 2014


Time of the Red Sand

Nothing was like life on Mars. The most I remember were the stunning night skies and brilliant planets circling orbit. I don’t remember what we called them back then. It was all so different than it is today.

The season I remember the most was Mars Spring. The air was rich with blooms from flowers and plant life. The daytime sky streamed with high clouds that stretched across from horizon to horizon. They were reddish-tinged with hints of blue. Directly above, faint stars could be seen through breaks in the chain of clouds.

It was a different millennium in which humans began their first historical rise and fall; on a world that also began thriving with all forms of life. Human origins began here, but from different organic beginnings. Our forefathers bore alien DNA, just as we would be considered alien to mankind today on Earth.

The asteroids haven’t obliterated the Martian landscape yet nor destroyed all that we have built here. Our world hadn’t been bombarded and blown from the orbit it had for millions of years around the Sun. The world as we knew it was yet thriving with brilliant discoveries and incredible destinies. But time was ticking. It would all be a faint memory, buried in scribes and stone walls that would grace another planet’s caves; for other eyes to see; for others to read.


Our homes were scattered. Most of us were finding transports to anywhere that could sustain life. A majority of the population remained on Mars, which meant a morbidly devastating death. The lucky ones, the ones who were chosen for repopulation, truly had the golden ticket. Or so they thought. That calculated plan to repopulate another world would not happen for another ten thousand years.


I feel a part of that world still. Sometimes, I can feel my bare feet on the red Martian sand. I died there. My bones lay to rest on Mars; surely turned to dust by now. My life, my experiences, all embraced the vastness with splendor. Somehow, I never left there. Yet, my spirit and my soul now exist here; in this new life on Earth. It’s much more complicated now. However, the same mistakes are being repeated, just as they had happened back home on Mars. Lord held us.

Excerpts from Time of the Red Sand
Words by Darrin L. Proctor
November 29, 2014


Lorelai’s BIG,
First Day of Kindergarten, EVER

It was the first day of school. But, it was an even BIGGER day than that. It was Lorelai’s VERY FIRST day of school. EVER. Her first day of Kindergarten was today. She had butterflies in her tummy all morning. Her mommy had her very first EVER lunch all ready and her backpack was packed. She was helping Lorelai get dressed. Then she was helping her brush and straighten her hair, and found her flip flops to wear.

But, Lorelai felt strange. It wasn’t her tummy, or the butterflies fluttering around inside her tummy. It wasn’t worrying about being away from home. She was already at the school and met her teacher, and most of the other kids the other day. She already knew she was desk number twenty!

Maybe she felt that she might miss her little sister, Lilly, who for sure would miss Lorelai. They have been sister buddies FOREVER, thought Lorelai. They were a little more than a year apart, but so close in everything. Even their size! Lorelai thought of Lilly sitting all alone missing her BIG sister while she was at school. She gave Lilly a pat on the back and said “It will be okay Lilly.”

Their daddy came down the stairs, and was ready to join in on the big day. “My big girl is going to have an awesome first day!” He said to Lorelai. She gave him a big, big hug and said “I love you daddy!”

All of a sudden, there was a knock-knock at the front door. Lorelai and Lilly both looked at each other and screamed, “GRANDY!!!” It was their mommy’s dad, their grand-father they called Grandy. He was coming over to share Lorelai’s special FIRST DAY EVER with her.

Both Lorelai and Lilly gave big, big hugs to Grandy when he walked in, enough to knock him over and off his feet. “WOW now that’s a welcome!!” Said Grandy, with his most silliest voice EVER.

Next came the pictures! Her mommy brought out her camera. Even Grandy brought a camera! Oh boy, more pictures, Lorelai thought to herself. She loved posing for pictures on every ordinary day, but this? Her VERY FIRST DAY EVER?

First, there was posing for pictures with her backpack on her back and her lunch box in her hand, then it was posing with a chalk sign that read ‘my first day of kindergarten’ then it was posing outside their house in front of the big, big tree. Her mommy got into the picture with her too, like it was her special day too! Daddy snapped pictures. Grandy snapped pictures. Lorelai thought, Oh, can we just go on our way now? 

Finally! It was time to walk to school. Everybody was going! Even her daddy, hee-hee, in his pajama pants. Even her mommy. Even Lilly was going. And, even Grandy!! It wasn’t a long walk, but it was a special walk. The very first walk to school EVER. Everything around Lorelai was special. Even the trees above her waved their branches at her, almost to stop Lorelai and everyone from walking by. She could hear the tallest tree saying “woo hoo it’s that time of year for the first day of class! Be good, study good, and you surely can pass.” Her branches lifted up and pointed the way down the walkway.

The winding path went this way and that way. It weaved to the left and to the right. Little squirrels were stopping in their steps to say hello to Lorelai, as she held on tight to her mommy’s hand. Lilly and her daddy were right behind them, along with Grandy. “Ahh, first day of school?” Said the tallest of the little furry squirrels. “Yes, but I can’t talk now, I have to get going!” Lorelai said, passing them by in the grass.

“Don’t be late!! Don’t be late!” The shorter squirrel shouted. Lorelai stopped, and bent down below her and picked up a couple of acorns. She tossed them to her furry little friends.“Thank you, oh, thank you!!” They both screamed with delight. “See you later when I walk back home from school!” she shouted back.

Just ahead, in the middle of the walkway, were dozens, if not, thousands, of little red balls, scattered about. “What are those, daddy?” Lorelai asked.

“Those are crab apples, I think,” her daddy said.

Grandy agreed. “Yep, those are some crabby apples!” He said. “LOOK! They are yelling at us!”

Grandy pointed ahead, to a bunch of many, many round, red, crab apples. Some were small, some big. Some dark red, some bright red. Some were flat, some were plump. Some were still on stems. Some were yelling, mostly when BIG feet were hovering above them.

“Watch where you’re walking, will you?” Shouted one crabby apple, with a stern voice and mean scowl. “Yes, yes, what he said! Be on your way! Watch your step!!” Said another. They were all grumbling and grumpy and mean as could be.

“Why are you so crabby on this wonderful day?” asked Lorelai.

“You sit on the walk and not get squished” squeaked yet another crabby, crabby apple. They were all scuttling about beneath their feet, as if to nip and nibble their toes, if they only could.

“Why don’t you mind your own business and walk on away! Leave us be, and don’t let your BIG stinky feet disturb our crabby day!” The biggest, crabbiest of the crabby apples stood up and shouted as loud as he could.

“I’m on my way to my very first day of kindergarten, so I can’t be late,” Lorelai pleaded with that crabbiest of the crabby apples.

Your FIRST day? Oh, why didn’t you say so!” He chuckled, “Be careful to step past our lazy morning and crazy day, not to step on us while on your merry way!” He sounded almost happy now, and not so crabby at all any more.

“Oh, thank you mister crabby apple, and thank you all!” Lorelai said to them as they all walked, ever so carefully, over the crab apples. Suddenly, from above her and all around her, other crab apples, still on the very crab apple-filled tree, shouted out to her, “Have a great first day of kindergarten!” They all shouted together.

“Thank you!” said Lorelai.

“I guess they are only crabby if you don’t talk to them,” said her daddy.

“More like if you step on them!” she said, with a laugh.

On they walked. One step at a time. One step closer to that first EVER kindergarten door. Her first EVER kindergarten teacher. She wondered if her teacher, Mrs. Wilson, was there already.

She was really, really excited to see her new friends, Bella, Abby and Lara. She thought she spotted Abby up ahead, but it was just another little girl with dark brown hair, with the exact same back pack! Lorelai wondered where her friends were. Are they already at school? Are they walking to school, just like me?

Along their walk, Lorelai heard crickets creaking and saw grass hoppers hopping, and all of the birds chirping, all singing their first day of school songs to her. There was a blue jay, then a robin! Then a bright red cardinal joined in! This was going to be the best day EVER!

On they walked, up to the stop light. Cheery Mr. Miller was smiling and waving at all of the new children and parents walking them to school on this warm, hazy morning. “Good day to you all,” he said, as he pushed the button on the traffic pole to make the light change. All of the cars came to a stop when the light turned red, and the white cross walk symbol came up. It was safe to cross the main street!

As they all crossed the street, Lorelai could see all of the other kids walking up the sidewalk leading to the front of the school. She saw one of her friends, Bella, walking with her mommy. Then she saw Abby in a mini-van with her mommy! “Lorelai!!” She heard her name being screamed from just ahead. It was Lara! ALL of her friends were there!!

The closer they got to the big, green door of kindergarten, Lorelai squeezed her mommy’s hand. She was so excited! All of those butterflies in her tummy started fluttering all about inside! Her mommy reached down and gave her a kiss, “You’re gonna do great, mommy loves you,” she held back a tear. Lorelai brushed her mommy’s hair back and said to her, “It’s okay mommy.”

As they waited in line for the bell to ring, her daddy stood with Lilly and mommy, and Lorelai gave her sister a BIG hug before getting back in line with her three friends.

“Bye Lorelai, have a great day!” Lilly said to her big sister.

Then Grandy gave her a BIG hug, and when the bell rang, the big green door opened. Out came Mrs. Wilson to greet each and every new child for their first days ever. When it was Lorelai’s turn, Lorelai whispered softly to Mrs. Wilson, “don’t worry, I’ll help you if you need me.” Lorelai did not look back but dashed through the green door, smiling, and on her way to her first day of kindergarten, EVER.

Words by Darrin L. Proctor
October 2014


The Curious Oak Tree

Have you ever heard of the curious oak tree? She wondered what life was like over the next hill, and how her children were that grew over the hedge, beyond the houses and which ones are sprouting beyond her branches.. She’s curious, and wants to know what all of the little ones are doing; she wishes her roots would let her explore the land, to observe life that scurries about around her and take steps across the snow to know what it feels like.. She is curious to see new sights, new hills, make new friends and follow the little feathered ones who nest in her and see how their children grow.. The little squirrels and chipmunks all brag about how much they run and play. They gather nuts and seeds which upsets the curious oak tree and wishes she could protect all of her young.. She understands that the squirrels and chipmunks need her shelter and treats them like her own.. But deep down, she still longs to stretch her deep roots and graze them across the land and run as fast as she can.. To see what is out there, to explore beyond what she has known… The curious oak can feel the air, sense the changes of weather, but she wants to also be able to see…

The oak tree made a wish upon that star, and was granted her wish…

Words by Darrin L. Proctor
August 2014


Tainted Journey

It all happened so suddenly. What began as a blur became an ugly truth. Then it all fell apart.

I stood alone, gazing up at the clear blue morning sky. The air was crisp; the kind of air as thick as an exhaust pumping smoke clouds from cold, gray stacks of concrete into the air above them. The kind that lingers far after you’ve exhaled and takes several moments to dissipate. Each breath makes puffs that trail off, almost chasing each other in the brittle air. The trees around me stand frightfully tall with dangly, flailing branches, almost seeming to taunt me and stab me from all sides like daggers. The forest before me is littered with decaying leaves and a fresh morning frost has coated the stumps and ground cover all around. Day is breaking soon.

There is a chill to the bone as well. Yet, a calmness surrounds me. This moment in time, though,  is not safe.

Each footstep becomes as heavy as cement blocks, weighting me down, straining my stride, slowing my pace. I have to keep moving. But to where? Where was I going? Where would I be free from what happened, what seemed like moments before?

I had no answers. Just as I had no clue where I was headed. But I know I knew I had to keep moving to stay alive.

She appeared to me like a ghost from a long lost dream. Her deep brown hair draped around her rounded face, like a carving of a beautiful ivory-chiseled statue but lively with blushed cheeks and incredibly glowing brown eyes. They were stunningly enchanting. She smiled, and brushed the hair from her eyes, as I tried to speak. Her dainty fingers touched her lips, motioning me to silence. My body lay motionless, but unbound. I could feel the warmth from a nearby fire soaking into my skin, warming my bones. She stood from her crouch, only momentarily to retrieve a steaming cup from what I can guess was a stove. Her hands cradled the cup and handed it to me.

“Drink this,” she spoke quietly..

Excerpt from a short story concept
Words by Darrin L. Proctor
February 2014