Random Creativity Meets Digital Imagery

DPdesignWorks is a digital photography and illustration venture that creates all forms of art, from drawings to paintings, digital illustration and portraits, storyboards and doodles. Oodles and oodles of doodles. And anything related to art in general.

What began as a dream has become an amazing new reality. It all started with simple black & white pencil drawings – thousands of them – as the desire to create photorealistic drawings, perfect to the finest detail. Cartooning became a fascination, along with writing short stories with illustrations. Next challenge came full-color illustrations, mainly animal or automobile portraits that were either gifts or commissions for customers who wanted a stylized illustration of their beloved pet or car. This meant shooting pictures at every possible angle, to ensure the right lighting, the right details. Photography became (and still remains) a huge tool in virtually every project, so as to assist in compositions and layouts. Painting in oils, water color, acrylic and a combination of all with other mixed mediums – such as marker, pen & ink and overlays – will push the creative envelope, with digital photography at the core of most productions.

Today, DPdesignWorks has evolved into something really special. Every day brings new challenges and new incredible stories. This is truly a great life.


DPDesignWorks is dedicated and determined to provide the highest quality of services in the field of photography and fine art.


DPdesignWorks is extremely dedicated to provide creative services, with ambitions to promote, encourage and inspire enthusiasm for all forms of art through retail, instruction and awareness.

  • To provide professional creative services in photography, fine art, art instruction and copywriting
  • To encourage creative expression through the creation, retail and instruction of art.
  • To promote integrity through the creation and expression of art
  • To encourage creative practices through art instruction and consulting
  • To offer creative education through classroom instruction and source materials
  • To provide Instructional services to clients through art, visual aides, instruction booklets, storytelling and creatively instructional exercises


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