Random Creativity Meets Digital Imagery

At the heart and core of DPdesignWorks is an incredible passion for everything ART. While every client is different, every project is different as well. What we do best is enhance the customer’s awareness towards their own works and provide them the knowledge and appreciation to treasure it.

While we’re not limited to the service listings below, we do these all very well and pride ourselves on our work ethic.


It all started with a 35mm Minolta X700 camera. While we miss the old days of film speeds and development time, the digital cameras are everything their ancestors were with more diversity and muscle. Nothing is impossible.


Custom artwork. Fine art. Paintings. Portraits. Illustrations. There are no limits in possibilities or canvas size.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw? Do you want to learn basic art skills to do crafting? We can teach you at a reasonable rate within several formats. Please contact us for more information.


Every product has copy. Everything you read or see on a daily basis consists of words put together in ways to sell products, ideas, tell stories, etc. And behind all of that, are the people who actually do that work. Yes, that would be us. If your business needs professionalism in its company guidelines or blurbs for brochures, tag lines or jingles, we can help you. Our sibling company Monkeyboxer Creative works with us in tandem as well.


Primary Service:
Digital Arts, Digital Photography, Illustration, Photo Retouching, Copywriting, Storytelling, Fine Art, Cartooning, Portraits

Digital photography, photo retouching services, video, copywriting, commissioned artwork
“Creative Hub” that sponsors new artists through leasing display space, booking of shows
Provide leased space for displaying work and products

Services Expanded
DPdesignWorks does:
Digital Photography • Photo Retouching
Illustration • Fine Art • Cartooning • Portraits • Abstract Imagery
Art Instruction Courses • Workshops
Copywriting • Branding

DPdesignWorks also participates and contributes to:
• Support for Michigan artists and designers, schools, artists w/special needs / adults with disabilities
• Provide leased space for displaying work and products
• Network for / with regional artists
• Instructional space available for lease to host classes, meetings, etc.
• Instructional services to clients, students and artists
• Retail sales
• Web sales
• Promote special needs and adults with disabilities in presenting their work in gallery formats


But we’d sure love to hear from you! Even if you’re just checking out the site, please feel free to leave any comments or your own stories about what interests you in art. It’s all confidential, so what you share stays with us. We look forward to hearing from you!